Sometimes Experience Is the First Step To Understanding:

We thoroughly understand the problems you face in today’s economy. We believe you’re someone who wants to be in control of business revenue and profit. You understand and realize the Internet is like a moving target; the ground is always shifting beneath you, and what worked just six months ago has become less effective today.

In our fast paced digital age, you understand the need to keep up with what’s working best in your industry, and then deftly adapt it to how it should work for your unique business. However, the problem is always limited time, knowledge and resources.

Membership Benefits:

Our training sessions inform members about the only things that really matters to us – revenue and profits. If it doesn’t improve either, ‘cool’, ‘slick’, ‘novel’, ‘neat’ and ‘hip’ is a complete waste of our time.

While the range of topics is broad, we teach on the basis of proven results, not conjecture. When there is room for doubt or uncertainty, we let you know that, too! Marketing, consumer trends, and business management topics provide education that could easily be worth the price of your hard-earned MBA.

Each session includes an open floor segment for live questioning and comments.

When you become a North Dallas Business Owners member, you’ll have interactive access to our private mastermind community. The community is comprised of business owners that play in their own local field, and know the score.

Leverage the community and interact with other owners as our mastermind is the ideal place to exchange ideas, growth strategies, and niche related information.

Networking is vitally important and we provide you the ideal platform to find valuable friends, and develop pertinent partnership opportunities!

The intent of everything North Dallas Business Owners does is to support and strengthen each of our members’ business. We know that top flight training is important, but it’s not the whole formula for maximal business operation.

Another part of the recipe is the proprietary tools and resources you’ll never want your competition to know about. These are not nice afterthoughts or added perks, but a broad, robust array of battle tested tools and software designed to crush it in your local market.

Our software and support ranges from digital SEI platforms, to customer loyalty, to the world’s finest text (SMS) marketing platform, and a lot more in between.

As a North Dallas Business Owner member, not only do you get top-notch, cutting edge business training, field tested, proven software and strategies – you get direct access to marketing support.

We want to serve as your personal marketing advisor to guide and ensure your growth!

Meet Some Of Our Facilitators :

Kevin Cortez

Mobile Marketing Helper

Lynn Barrett

New Connections 4 Business

Deirdre Sanborn

Executive Coach & Strategic Consultant

The main thing you should know about Kevin is that Entrepreneurs are his heroes! He is always pointing out that they are the doers, the risk-takers, the job creators, and the innovators who put it all on the line to turn their dreams into our reality. And for over 25 years now, Kevin has had the honor of helping several business owners address some of their greatest challenges.

Lynn is a business development specialist who helps companies with their referral, marketing, social and strategic business building. Lynn is dynamic and professional. Her experience in marketing and business development have proven successful for business owners in expanding their products and services. You will be amazed at her energy and positive attitude. Lynn cares about her clients and their success! She is awesome!

As an entrepreneur, coach and consultant, Deirdre specializes in leadership development, team building and business optimization. She provides leaders with the tools and guidance to become the best version of themselves. With over 20 years’ experience as an executive in the investment banking industry, Deirdre has the business acumen to help her clients navigate the challenges of working in a competitive environment.

Some Of Our Happy Members: